This page is dedicated to all the children who have suffered from child abuse. The statistics regarding child abuse in the United States is staggering. Many abused children suffer at the hands of the people they should be able to trust most. It is unacceptable.

There are many organizations, celebrities, and everyday people who are fighting against the perpetrators of such crimes. Some of those people will be highlighted on this webpage. Join in the fight against neglect, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of our children in any way you can. Children are the future. What kind of future do we want to leave for them?

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 This video starts with "There are children who play to be invisible" and is followed by some staggering statistics and information regarding child abuse. 

 This video was not filmed in the United States. It is powerful, but it is a must see for anyone who ignores it when they know a child is being abused and doesn't speak up. It is titled "I can't wait until I grow up"

 Ad from the United States about verbal abuse titled "How Long Will This Go On"

 This was not filmed in the United States. It is titled "Don't wait until you are certain"