About the Author

Dawn Hawkins is the author of Danny's Grace. The book was released by Rocking Horse Publishing on January 28, 2014. She born and raised and continues to reside in Elkton, Maryland. She is planning a sequel to Danny's Grace in the near future. Favorite authors include Mark Twain and John Jakes. 

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What People are saying about Danny's Grace

Danny’s Grace is a well-crafted, powerful work of fiction that will not be easily put down or quickly forgotten... Author Dawn Hawkins weaves this entertaining, multi-layered tale with inordinate skill. Her story development leaves no stone unturned; hercharacter development is so real and painful at times we must remind ourselves this is a work of fiction…" Raymond Kukkee of Incoming Bytes-- Read more here

"Danny is three-dimensional in spades, in part because Dawn Hawkins knows how to make characters live on the page and in part because readers will have the eerie feeling some of that interior monologue is directed at them... In Danny's Grace, author Dawn Hawkins skillfully tells a story filled with brutality, twisted ethics, immoral and amoral lifestyles, hideously memorable antagonists, and a wasted-away man who constantly tricks his subconscious mind and the reader into looking at what they don't want to see and won't be able to forget." Malcolm R. Campbell of Literary Aficionado-- Read more here

"Abuse and survival, love and loss, vulnerability and callousness. You get to see them all in Danny’s life. He’s been phenomenally wealthy and terribly poor, on top of the world and in the depths of horrors most of us can’t fathom. He’s been reviled and revered, oftentimes simultaneously, by others and by himself. Readers will alternate between wanting to cheer for him, wanting to protect him, and wanting to shake him by the shoulders and ask him what he thinks he’s doing... But he’s very real, and someone that you have to follow all the way to the end of his story." Katie Lea Yates of KatieLeaYates.com-- Read more here

"This novel was so wonderful that I often forgot I was supposed to be critiquing it instead of just reading for pure enjoyment. It was very uniquely written, with a perspective unlike anything I've read. The protagonist has constant dialogue with his subconscious, not something you read in your average fiction novel...I HIGHLY recommend this novel... Becky Kreienkamp of Life After College-- Read more here